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Tips for the Motörhead Slots

This section of our website that is dedicated to the Motorhead slot game is one of the most visited sections, and that is due to us revealing to slot players all of the best ways that they can not only play that slot game online but any other NetEnt designed and supplied slot game optimally.

Now, one thing that you do need to know about every single NetEnt slot and that does of course include their brand new must play Motorhead slot is that they are all completely random and fair. In fact, prior to being launched on the gaming platforms at all casino sites using their software every single slot is independently tested and certified as being 100% random.

So from any base game spin you could win the jackpot when playing any of their slot games or could end up triggering some form of bonus feature or bonus game that returns a huge winning payout.

However, even when playing completely random slot games there is lots of slot playing hints and tips that can improve your chance of winning or reduce the overall chances of you losing, and that is what this section of our website is dedicated to.

Please read on and then if you like what you read why not put these slot playing hints and tips into live play, or why not put some of the following slots tips into place when you are having a no risk free play slot playing session to see if you do experience more winning sessions than losing sessions.

Keep in mind that you can of course sample any of the many different slots from NetEnt including the Motorhead slot game completely free of charge at any of our featured casinos so you can play them at no risk when testing out any of the following slot playing tips.

One final thing we would like to point out is that the free play versions of the Motorhead slot game and all other NetEnt slots all play to the same payout percentage and the same playing structure as the real money slots, so even if you do decide to play them for free you will get a true feel for the way that each slot game plays and pays out.

Tips for Playing NetEnt Slots

Please now read through each of the individual slot playing tips listed below and then put any or all of them into play when you do next decide to give any NetEnt designed slot game a whirl, as you may just strike gold when you do so.

Maximum Payline Spins – If you are playing a slot game on which a set of bonus symbols have to line up on an activated payline to trigger one or more bonus games then the optimal way to play that slot is to activate all of its pay lines.

Also if a slot game has an enhanced jackpot on any of the high numbered paylines then you should always play maximum line spins, playing fewer than maximum line spins reduces your chances of triggering those bonus games or will see you never getting to benefit from the higher valued winning payouts attached to those slots!

High RTP Slot Games – One of the very best tips we can give you in regards to maximising the chances that you get plenty of winning spins or at the very least more of your stakes returned as winning payouts is for you to only play slots which have high payout percentages.

The slots you should be looking to play therefore at any NetEnt software powered online casino site will be those offering you payout percentage over 96% and there will be more than enough slots offering RTP’s that high at all casino using the NetEnt suite of slot games!

Bankroll Boosting Bonuses – Bonuses will always give you more credits to play your favourite slot games with, however not all bonuses are designed to give you the maximum winning opportunities but high valued deposit match bonuses which have low play through requirements and no cash out limits do offer great value so look out for those types of bonuses.

Earning Slot Comp Points – By playing at a casino that has a comp club which will reward your real money slot playing action with comp points which can be swapped for bonus credits you will get more value from your slot play. Make sure you compare just what is offered via the comp club at any casino site as they can and do vary in regards to what they will be offering you as a real money slot player.

Stop Loss Limit – If you do play slot games online as a real money player then always set yourself some limits when playing those slot games you have chosen to play. Many NetEnt casinos will let you impose some self imposed limits on how much you can deposit or spend during any one session so do make sure you use those limits if you think you may overspend when playing slot games online.

Learn to Cash Out – One often made mistake that a lot of slot players will find themselves doing when they do play real money slot games online, is that they will experience a winning streak and then get tempted to and will actually start to increase the stakes they are playing their chosen slot game for.

You should always learn to cash out some or all of your winnings when you are playing slot games online and for real money and have a winning goal in mind. By regularly cashing out some or all of your winnings you will not find that you then lose back everything you have won by being too greedy.

So make sure when you do next experience a winning streak you stop playing, visit the casinos banking interface and then make a withdrawal, you will be grateful for those winnings when they are processed and sent back to you, more so if the slot you are playing turns cold!