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The Growing Popularity Of Quickspin

Quickspin is a Swedish gaming studio which specializes in creating online slots. They are made up of various professionals in the field, including experienced people hailing from NetEnt and Unibet, amongst other developers.

Rather than creating masses of games, the company masterfully designs and plans each game carefully, ensuring a top quality product is created every time. It should come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that they have won various awards and accolades, including the coveted, EGR award.

Quickspin has embraced the latest technologies in game design. Most of their games work just as well on a mobile device as they would on a desktop computer. The games are able to adapt to the screen size and the interface changes accordingly.

Joker Strike

At first glance, Joker Strike looks like a classic slot from the golden years of Vegas. The game’s music is reminiscent of the lounge areas of popular casinos and its background shoes a city of lights during dusk.

The slot’s symbols are also in line with the classic theme. There are the four card symbols, each with their own unique bright color. Then there is a bell, a star and the lucky number 7.

The final symbol is the Joker, which is also the main character of this slot. This is where the game stops being a classic and transforms into one of Quickspin’s most popular games.

Surrounding the slot is a bar full of the game’s symbols. This bar activates during the Joker Strike feature. Whenever there is a winning symbol combination, this feature begins, increasing the possibilities of a higher payout to the player.

A marker begins to spin clockwise around this bar until it lands on a random symbol. If it lands on the same symbol which made up the winning line, the player gets additional symbols to the winning line, increasing his multiplier. Up to 10 extra symbols may be added.

The game also offers players an opportunity to purchase packages of spins and guaranteed wilds. These Hi Roller packages are split into three. The low-value package includes 5 spins and a guaranteed roaming wild. The medium package includes the same features of the low-value package together with the option of landing on a Wild symbol during the Joker Strike feature.

Finally, the high-value package includes all of the above and two markers roaming in opposite direction during the Joke Strike feature. This basically doubles the chances of winning additional multipliers.

Joker Strike is very easy to learn. Since its special feature activates each time there is a line win, there is constant excitement with the possibility of winning more, which keeps the player at the edge of his seat.

Wins Of Fortune

As soon as the slot is launched, the player will realize that something is not quite right with this slot. Indeed, it has a very unusual shape. There are five reels, but the number of rows increases from left to right. At the low side there are three rows, whilst at the far right, there is one reel with 5 rows.

This game is themed around the legendary Chinese warriors who live and train in a peaceful setting. The music compliments this theme perfectly and allows the player to relax and enjoy the experience. Apart from 5 gemstones, the symbols of the game include four main characters. There is also a wild symbol which substitutes for all other symbols.

The game is best known for its Respin feature. Whenever there is a winning combination of symbols, the reel expands, with the winning line moving to the left. From the right, new reels appear, each five rows high.

With the appearance of a new reel, the slot spins again. However, the reels which hold the winning line do not move. During this feature, the winning line can be expanded or a completely fresh winning line can emerge. Either way, the player gets a chance to increase his total wins.

If the player keeps getting winning combinations during respins, he will activate the Super Respin. This feature unlocks after the fourth respin. During this feature, all winning symbols remain, whilst the rest spin until there are no more winning combinations.

Leprechaun Hills

It seems that Quickspin could not resist the temptation to create a slot with a St. Patrick’s theme. Considering that the Irish are well known for their luck, this comes as no real surprise. This slot is very entertaining and fun to play.

The folk Irish music accompanies players are they spin the reels to reveal various symbols, including an Irish stout, a Leprechaun, a horseshoe, a mushroom and a four-leaved clover. The game also includes a Wild symbol which substitutes for any other symbols and five colored card symbols.

Leprechaun Hills boasts 40 paylines, meaning players will be hitting many of those winning combinations throughout the game. When they get a winning line using medium value symbols they unlock the Lucky Respin feature, which gives the player a huge stack during the respin.

When 3 bonus symbols appear on reels 2,3 and 4, Rainbow Free Spins initiate. During these spins, the mysterious rainbow symbol appears and this can transform into any medium value symbols. The bonus symbol is very hard to miss since it is represented by a pot of gold with the word bonus written on it.

The Underdog Of Slots

Whilst Quickspin might not be the best-known game developers, their constant successes rank them as one of the top 10 in the world. They were so popular, in fact, that the company was bought by Playtech in 2016. Being bought by the third most popular online casino game developer is certainly proof that they make excellent games. The company does not show signs of slowing down and is expecting to release numerous titles in 2018 and beyond.