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Free Spins for the Motörhead slot

Free spins are of course a bonus feature that you are going to be able to trigger on a large percentage of slot machines, and when that bonus game triggered then there is the chance you could win big depending on how many winning combinations and the value of those winning combinations you spin in.

However, what you may not be aware of, is that many casinos now offer you free spins on slots such as the Motorhead slot, and in this NetEnt slot playing guide we are going to be taking a look at free spin slot game promotions, dissecting them, and working out whether they offer you any value or not.

In fact, if you are interested in playing the Motörhead slot game from NetEnt or any of their hundreds of other action packed, and bonus game packed slot games then please do have a good look around our website, as we have lots of slot tips and playing guides that will enlighten you on how to play the slots optimally.

Free Slot Spins Bonuses and Promotions

Let us now take a look at just how free slot spin bonuses and promotional offers are designed and which ones you should be actively seeking out to get the best chances of winning.

Free Slot Spins – Many casinos have started to give their real money players or their first time newly signed up and registered player a set of free spins either as part of a new player bonus offer or as an ongoing bonus offer.
Free slot spins are a great way for you to possibly test out some new slot game you may never have played before or to get a little bit of extra playing value when you sign up to a casino site or make a deposit.

However, please read on for we will also let you know of the different ways you will be offered these types of bonuses and we will also let you know which ones are going to be the very best ones for you to claim at any NetEnt powered casino site that is offering free spins to their players.

Deposit Only Free Spins – Some free spins slot bonuses will be only available to you if you have made a deposit into the casino site you are playing at, and whilst those free spins may come in handy make sure you are going to be getting enough of them based on how much you have to deposit to claim them.

However, if this amount you have to deposit to claim a set of free spins is high in relation to the value of the free spins awarded when you make that deposit you may be better off looking around for a deposit match bonus instead.
Number of Paylines Activated – Never take a free spins slot game bonus offer if the numbers of paylines you will have activated on each of those free spins is anything less than the maximum number of paylines a slot game has on offer!

Imagine if you get offered free spins on let’s say a 50 pay lines slot but when you claim that bonus and then launch the slot you find only 5 or 10 of those paylines are actually activated for the duration of your free spins.

Stake Level of Free Spins – If you do get offered a set of free spins then make sure you take a look at how the free spin have been structured, for the best valued ones that you are going to be able to make use of will have the highest number of coins activated on each payline and the high coin value levels in play on each spin awarded to you.

Free Spin Slot Games – If you are seeking out slot games to play then look out for these slots from NetEnt which give you the option of picking out how you can play off your set of free spins when you trigger their bonus games.

By playing those slot then every single time the free spin bonus game has been triggered you will be able to select either a low risk and low variance set of free spins to play off or you can opt for a high risk and high variance set of free spins to play off.

Maximum Cash-Out Limits – Make sure that if you are thinking of claiming a set of free spins that here are no maximum cash-out limits imposed in regards to how much you can win via those free spins.

You will not want to find that if you win a huge jackpot when playing of your awarded free spins that a high percentage and high proportion of those winnings get voided due to such a rule!

Cash or bonus Credit Winnings – One final thing you should be paying attention to as you read through the terms and the conditions that are attached to any free spins slot bonus, is whether the winning you achieve after playing off all of your free spins awarded with be credited to your casino account balance as cash credits or bonus credits.

If you play off a set of free spins on which the winnings are credited to your casino account a bonus credits then you will next have to play through those credit a certain number of times before they get turned into cash credits.

However, if you find a NetEnt software powered online casino that awards those free slot spins winnings as cash credits then you can do as you please with those credits including casing them out or playing nay other casino games which no play through requirements or restrictions, so they are the best type of free spins bonus rules you will find attached to these type of promotional offers.